Google Home or Amazon Echo?

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Home AutomationHave you ever found yourself walking around the house talking out loud, even though no one is there? Those days could be over! Now you can talk to your home and it will talk back to you. The two most popular options for home automation are the Google Home and Amazon Echo devices. We have broken down exactly what these two can do, and in what ways they may be different.

Google Home

The Google Home device is a voice-activated speaker that can carry out tasks at your instruction. To speak to it, you say “OK, Google.” Some smart technologies that connect to Google Home are thermostats, lights, speakers, plugs and switches, and televisions. You can control any of those areas of your house by speaking the instructions to your Google Home. Another feature of this speaker is that it comes with all of the knowledge of the Google search engine available at your request. One perk that differentiates the Google Home from the Amazon Echo is that you can program phrases that signal your device to perform a certain task. The website gives the example of how “I’m running late” could trigger Google Home to send an e-mail to your spouse.

Amazon Echo

There are three different Amazon Echo devices: Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Tap. The three have slight differences in size and price, but all essentially carry out the same functions. The Echo Dot is meant as a secondary speaker to the original Echo, while the Echo Tap is supposed to be used on-the-go, although it is bigger than the Echo Dot. The original Amazon Echo is the closest in model to the Google Home because it is meant to be used in the center of the home for automation. All three Echo devices can be connected to all of the same smart technologies as the Google Home, although the companies use different brands of these products. To speak to any Echo device, you use the name “Alexa.” The Echo devices do have access to Amazon features, such as music and movies under Prime, tracking packages, or reading books from your Kindle.

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