UV Light & The Air You and Your Family Breathe

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Fluorescent UV lampMany Orlando homeowners are familiar with the concept of improving indoor air quality, including approaches like air purifiers or even humidifiers. Fewer people are aware of the use of UV lights and how it can benefit you. Our goal is to make sure that you understand what they are and how you can benefit from this. If you want to make sure that the air you and your family breathe in your home is of the best quality, then this is something that you will want to know about.

Why is it Important?

UV lights are most commonly used in the duct work, located near the evaporator coil which is inside of your home. The point of this is to catch living microorganisms that manage to get through standard filters. This includes things like mold spores, mildew, bacteria and other potentially harmful contaminants. The idea is to create the cleanest and purest air for your home, especially for homes where anyone lives that may have respiratory related health issues like asthma or allergies.

We spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors so shouldn’t the air we breathe be of the best quality possible? Even though everyone thinks of outdoor air being polluted, indoor air can be 2-100 times more contaminated than the air outside. Taking extra steps to purify the air is one of the most important things you can do, in order to protect the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

Don’t ever settle for standard air, no matter how new your home is. Even if it may seem like the air would be cleaner in a new home, this may not be the case. Not to mention, it does not take much time for this to change and you need to have a system in place to begin to clean your air. Now all you need to know is the name of the Orlando Air Conditioning professionals to call in to get the job done.

Working With Service Plus AC & Heating

Service Plus AC & Heating has been the name that Orlando locals know to call on for services such as UV light installation for enhanced indoor air quality. We take great pride in being able to help our clients improve the air they breathe and their general health. This is an important service and one that we look forward to taking care of for you. Give us a call today so we can get started.

If you need to hire a professionally licensed heating and air conditioning contractor to install a UV light system into your Orlando home, call Service Plus AC & Heating today at 321-277-4408, or fill out our online request form.

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