3 Ways the REME Air Purifier Will Benefit You

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Reme Air Purifier

You have ducts and filters that catch the dust and germs in your air, but are they really getting everything out? We at Service Plus install the REME Air Purifying System, which is mounted in the ducts of your AC unit. It claims several benefits to your home and health that cannot be accomplished with your ducts alone. Keep reading for 3 ways that this system can make your life better!

1. Cleaner Air

The REME (Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy) uses an advanced oxidization process to effectively charge the air in the ducts. In doing so, the dirt, dust, and allergens become charged and cling together, making it easier for the system to catch. Instead of many tiny particles that can squeeze through the filter, you are left with a smaller number of large particles that will not be missed in the filtration process. This process is continuous, so you will always have highly filtered air as long as the system is in place.

2. Sanitized Surfaces

The surfaces of your home are sanitized for two reasons when you have the REME. The first is that less allergens and dirt are in the air, so less of those particles are found on the surfaces in your home. The second reason is that the charged air is circulating throughout your home and continuing to make allergens cling together. After the air in your home filters through the system several times, 99% of the micro-organisms will be reduced, leaving your surfaces clear of germs.

3. Reduced Sicknes

When the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch are meticulously cleaned, you will not be exposed to so many germs that could cause you to get sick. This system does claim to significantly reduce “sick building syndrome,” which is when everyone in your family/office is sick at the same time. The REME is able to charge and clean out particles such as mold and yeast, H1N1 (Swine) Flu, Noroviruses, Formaldehyde, odors, and MRSA. If you or your family are prone to sickness, the REME will be able to help!

Are you thinking about installing the REME Air Purifier in your home AC? Give Service Plus a call at 321-277-4408 to talk about your options!

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