Doesn’t Florida Have Enough Heat?

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Central Florida HeatingLiving in Central Florida, you probably do not need to heat your home very often, even during the winter. That being said, the “H” in your HVAC system stands for heating, so we thought it might be helpful to learn about the different types of heating systems available to you. Much of the country uses furnaces to heat their homes, but there is even variety within that small category. The best way to divide heaters is by separating ones that work with electricity and those that run on natural gas.

Electric Heating

Electric heaters can consist of heat pumps and electric furnaces. Heat pumps can either heat or cool your home. They are able to move heat from one place to another, for example, indoors to outdoors in the summer and vice versa in the winter, while not necessarily creating the heat. Electric furnaces create heat using electricity, but they can be more expensive to run than the more commonly used gas furnace depending on the electricity rates in your area.

Natural Gas Heating

Gas furnaces are the most commonly used heating systems in America. These systems heat your home by burning fuel and creating heat that flows through pipes, ducts, and sometimes wires into different areas of your home. Some gas furnaces are connected to the water supply of your home, and work using a boiler to store and heat the water. Furnaces are usually combined with an air conditioning system, whereas heat pumps are able to heat and cool a home on their own. Switching out the older gas furnace and air conditioner combination for a heat pump is becoming a popular move among homeowners.

If you have any questions about which heating system is best for your Florida home, please contact Service Plus at 321-277-4408 or complete our online request form. We would happily switch your old gas furnace for a heat pump, or answer any questions you have about that process!

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