Does Duct Cleaning Really Work?

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Duct Cleaning Orlando, FLAs a homeowner, you want to feel like you are doing whatever you can to take care of your family, and that often starts right inside the home. As more and more people begin to become aware of the importance of getting service for improving indoor air quality, it means considering different service options. One of the choices that you have is duct cleaning, yet some people remain skeptical about whether it works, or not.

When you think about it, the answer is obvious. Surfaces in your home have to be cleaned to be free from dust and debris, in order to ensure that you have healthy air to breathe. So, why wouldn’t the same hold true for the surfaces inside your air ducts?

Factors to Consider

How long have you lived in your current Orlando house? During the time that you have been there, when was the last time that you had your ducts professionally cleaned? And if you bought the home from previous owners, when do you think was the last time that they bothered with duct cleaning?

Without being able to see inside your ducts, you have no idea what actually lurks there. But you can be confident that there is probably some form of microbial development, such as mildew or mold. This is the type of thing that no one should be exposed to, but it is even worse if someone in your household suffers from a respiratory related health issue, such as asthma or allergies.

This is also the ideal place to find evidence of the presence of rodents or, even worse, possible infestation. Think about the hair, dander and fecal matter left behind to end up circulated through your air ducts.

Do you notice that you or your family members tend to end up sick a lot? Are there frequent allergy or asthma attacks? It is quite likely that this could be linked back to dirty air ducts.

Protect Your Family

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