Why Should You Become a Maintenance Customer?

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Regular Maintenance
How many times would you say you think about your air conditioning system in one month, or even one year? Living in Florida, that number is probably pretty high. When your AC is running daily to keep your family cool, it can get worn out. Service Plus’ maintenance program was ultimately created as a tool to provide multiple maintenances per year in order to prevent AC breakdowns in the future.

Our maintenance agreement includes two scheduled maintenance visits per year. We will provide automatic reminders when it is time to schedule your maintenances as the suggested date approaches. Some other aspects of the maintenance program are no overtime charges and a 3 year parts and labor warranty on repairs, if you remain a maintenance customer. In addition to all these things, we offer discounts of 5% off new accessories and equipment and 15% off all repairs.

What sets our maintenance program apart from the rest, you might ask? There are two major advantages to joining Service Plus’ maintenance agreement. The first unique quality of our program is our priority service. As a maintenance customer, you will receive service within 6 hours of contacting us about any emergency issues with your AC unit. Second, on top of receiving extremely fast service, we promise to temporarily provide a portable AC if we cannot fix your system the same day. You will be able to cool one area of your house with the portable unit until we can access the parts that your AC system requires.

Aside from the physical services that Service Plus offers through the maintenance agreement, there are several other benefits of becoming a maintenance customer. Things like improved health and safety, reduced energy bills, and fewer breakdowns are just some benefits that are automatic when receiving routine maintenances for your unit. Yet another unique quality of our maintenance program is, if you find that you are unhappy with our services, you can cancel the agreement at any time. With all of these services offered in one program, though, you might just want to check out the maintenance agreement for yourself!

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