Your Thermostat Questions Answered!

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Have you ever wondered about Wi-Fi thermostats, or what to do when your t-stat resets itself? We have gathered several FAQ’s about thermostats and we are going to answer them all in one place. Here is your t-stat cheat sheet!

Wi-Fi Thermostats in Orlando


Q: What should I do if my air conditioning system is shut off and the thermostat resets to 80 degrees?

A: Most likely, what has happened is the breakers were shut off and on again, causing the programming on your thermostat to do a factory reset. You could probably check Google or even YouTube for programming instructions tailored to your specific thermostat, but the easiest thing to do is call us to come re-program it. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of thermostats and can reprogram them to whatever temperature you choose.

Q: So many thermostats are coming out with Wi-Fi capabilities now, but do I really need that?

A: Well, that depends on your lifestyle! If you are looking to cool your house and nothing more, then a Wi-Fi thermostat will not be necessary. However, if you are looking into home automation, or even have pets that you would like to keep cool while you are away, a Wi-Fi thermostat might be for you. Many Wi-Fi thermostats are able to be remotely accessed through apps on smart phones, and even more possibilities exist for those that work with home automation. (See our articles on Thermostats and Home Automation here.)

Q: What is the first thing I should check when my t-stat won’t turn on?

A: Breakers, breakers, breakers.

Q: Okay, so the breaker wasn’t tripped. What do I do next?

A: Go ahead and give us a call to come take a look at it. There are a lot of wires that make your thermostat run and you don’t want to poke around at them without knowing what they are.

Q: If I turn my thermostat to a very low temperature, will it cool faster?

A: No, it will not. Your AC system can only cool your home down so fast, regardless of the temperature it is set for. Setting the thermostat to 59°F when you want your home to reach 72°F immediately makes the system work harder than it needs to, which could possibly cause issues later on.

We hope this thermostat guide helped you! Give us a call at 321-277-4408 with any other questions about your thermostat or complete our online request form.


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