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Home Pod AutomationWhen people think about Apple Inc., whether they love the products or hate the company’s prices, they generally have a strong opinion. Apple currently has a wide range of products on the market, and they are about to release one more. With home automation on the rise, Google Home and Amazon Echo have been the two leading systems to which you can connect your home. Apple began a line of smart-products called HomeKit when iOS 8 was released (September 2014) that could be controlled through third party apps. Then, they released the Home App with iOS 10 (September 2016) to connect all compatible HomeKit devices to one “remote” app. Previously, the Apple TV has been used the hub for the entire Apple home automation system, but coming in December of 2017, the company will be releasing a new hub: their very own smart speaker called the HomePod. It seems like Apple is stepping up on the home automation front and trying to compete with Google and Amazon, so what could the HomePod offer users that they wouldn’t already be getting with one of the other companies?

What is most emphasized about the HomePod is its music-playing abilities. It is a speaker, primarily, and you can access Apple Music through one word to Siri. Additionally, Apple says the HomePod will be equipped with sensors that can tell where it is in the room, if you have added another speaker, and will automatically analyze the acoustics and adjust the sound as necessary. If you don’t want to speak over the music to tell Siri to change the song, even though the speaker will still hear you through the noise, you can tap the top of the HomePod to play, pause, or adjust the volume.

Apart from the music, every smart device that is compatible with HomeKit can be connected to the Home App and controlled by your voice through the HomePod. The speaker comes in either white or gray and is just under 7 inches tall. Service Plus sells a couple of thermostats that are compatible with Apple HomeKit and will be able to work with the HomePod upon its release (check out our last article about which thermostats we sell here).

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