Did You Know about Our Commercial Services?

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You may have heard about our different residential maintenance agreements, but did you know that Service Plus also offers customizable commercial maintenance plans? The commercial agreement consists of flat rate HVAC maintenances at the frequency of your choice. You can set them up annually, bi-annually, or even quarterly depending on the needs of your business. Additionally, each maintenance includes air filter replacement by our expert technicians.

Some businesses may have needs that are beyond a couple of maintenances a year, and that is where our additional services come in. For companies like hair and tanning salons, relaxation spas, or even hair removal centers, we offer dryer vent and air duct cleanings as add-ons to the commercial maintenance plan. At whichever frequency you choose, Service Plus technicians can remove the hair and dirt from the vents of dryers you use daily in your salon, or even clean out the ducts to keep your employees and customers breathing clean air.

Service Plus does offer a couple air quality products to commercial businesses that can improve your HVAC systems in between our visits. The Air Knight Reme is an air purifier that attaches directly to your air ducts to make your system more effective at ridding your air of germs. We also offer the Blue Tube UV light which is installed inside the air handler (or furnace) to prevent mold growth on your coils.

As a small business, we at Service Plus know that it takes a lot of work to keep your business running smoothly. Contact us at 321-277-4408 to discuss how our customizable commercial maintenance plan can provide you with one less thing to worry about!
Commercial HVAC Maintenance

If you are looking for professional commercial HVAC services in the Orlando area, then please call 321-277-4408 or complete our online request form.

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