It’s Back-to-School Season!

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Will you be cooling the dust bunnies this school year?

Orlando Air Conditioning - Back to School

Seminole and Orange counties are starting the 2017-2018 school year one week apart, which means many of you are probably getting last minute school supplies and accessories in these final days of summer break. Pretty soon, your children will be back at school for the better part of the day, and you will have work and errands to do. Should you turn your air conditioner off while you’re away, or leave it on for the dust bunnies?

Turning your air conditioner off and on multiple times throughout the day could overwork the system. Although leaving the system off does help lower your electric bill, many experts recommend a happy medium. When you turn your AC up a few degrees higher than normal while you are away from home, the average being 78 degrees, it prevents your system from working too hard (ACDoctor). This way, your pets can be comfortable, you won’t put a strain on your AC unit, and your electric bill will still be less expensive.

What is even better for your air conditioner is a programmable thermostat. Say you usually keep your home at 75 degrees; what you can do is program the thermostat to reach 78 when you leave the house, and then come back down to 75 about half an hour before you get home. Service Plus does sell and install several programmable thermostats, so contact us at 321-277-4408 for more information about what to do when nobody’s home this school year!

If you are looking for a professional Orlando air conditioning company this Back to School season then please call 321-277-4408 or complete our online request form.

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