Is Your AC Unit Under Warranty?

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Warranty - Orlando HVACWhat do you do when what feels like the first real winter to ever hit Florida is raging full-force and you realize your heater doesn’t work? As most of us know, for just about every big purchase you make, items will have some sort of warranty in place. Your air conditioner is not excluded from this arrangement. If your unit is under warranty, that could mean the difference between fixing the problem rather than a DIY trick to make it through these next couple of weeks. But how do you know what is covered under warranty, and for how long?

*Please note that these warranty types and tips apply to residential systems only*


When new units are installed, the manufacturer will offer a parts warranty, ranging from 5 to 15 years from the date of the installation. Parts warranty plans cover the cost of broken parts in the system, but do not cover labor (the cost of the technician to diagnose and fix the problem). Florida law requires the licensed contractor who installed the new system to maintain a 1-year labor warranty. This means that, should something break in your system, it will most likely be covered within the first year of installation.

After the first year has passed, labor warranty plans are determined by the installer, should they choose to offer one. At Service Plus, we offer a maintenance/labor program to new installation customers after the first year, but it only lasts during the manufacturer’s part warranty period. This brings us to what happens when your system’s warranty plans expire.


Maybe it’s been 10 years since your system was installed, but you want to keep a warranty in case a problem arises. Every contractor is different in the warranty department. We at Service Plus offer a maintenance program (separate from the program for new installations) that is designed to keep up with out-of-warranty systems. Included are two maintenances per year, and 3 years of parts and labor warranty. (For more information about this program, you can follow this link to our website.)


Here are some links to popular manufacturer websites. You can check if your system is still under warranty with the model and serial numbers of the units (both outdoor and indoor).

Do you have questions about the warranty on your AC system? Call Service Plus and ask about which warranty program is right for you at 321-277-4408.

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