Why Does Your AC Need Regular Maintenances?

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Regular AC Maintenance OrlandoIf you have used Service Plus for any amount of time, you have probably heard about the maintenance agreements that we offer. Like most companies, we recommend preventative maintenances for your residential AC unit about every six months. But why does your system need to be checked if it works just fine?

Drain Line Cleaning

Our technicians do not show up to a maintenance to only rinse your unit and move along. Among other things, a maintenance includes a full check of electrical connections throughout the system, in-place coil cleaning, as well as checking that all the parts are in good working condition. Additionally, we clean out the condensate drain (drain line), which can become clogged periodically due to length, placement, and even frequent use of your AC system. When not cleaned out during regular maintenances, a drain line cleaning is a common repair that can usually be prevented with frequent system checks.

Finding Problems Before They Get Big

We use the name ‚Äúpreventative maintenance‚ÄĚ for a reason. Our technicians check every possible connection in your system, along with the parts that can generally cause problems. Having professionals fully comb through your AC unit twice a year will ensure that, if you do have an issue, we can catch it in time to make a small repair, rather than being forced to make several repairs or even replace the system. Because of these frequent checkups, your unit will stay in good condition and run efficiently.

Do you have questions about our maintenance program? Call Service Plus at 321-277-4408 for more information about getting a preventative maintenance.

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