3 Most Popular Smart Thermostats

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Orlando Smart ThermostatsIf you haven’t already heard, “smart” technology has moved beyond our cell phones and into our homes—yes, even to our air conditioners. Smart thermostats are still a fairly new product, with the first model credited as being invented around 2009 (Time Magazine). Here are what I have found to be the 3 most-used smart thermostats on the market right now.

Nest learning thermostat (3rd generation)

The Nest learning thermostat is a self-programmable device that adjusts to your routine after a couple of weeks of manually changing the temperature. Additionally, this model uses Google to enable voice commands. The Nest t-stat is also capable of connecting to the internet and your phone, which is how it can self-update and use your phone’s location to turn the air conditioner into low energy mode whenever nobody is home. You can also view and change your temperature on your phone if you are away from home.


The Ecobee3, separate from the Ecobee3 lite, is another popular smart thermostat. Like the Nest, it connects to the internet and adjusts to your temperature preferences. A different aspect of the Ecobee3 is that it uses multiple room sensors, rather than just one thermostat, to regulate the temperature of each room and track whether it is occupied. Both the Nest and Ecobee thermostats are accessible through your phone and give home energy reports. They also both have voice command capabilities, but the Ecobee3 uses Siri as its medium.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat (RTH9580WF)

Honeywell is a popular brand that carries everyday programmable thermostats, but they also have come out with many “smart” models. The one that I have found to be used the most is the Wi-fi Smart Thermostat. Unlike the other two thermostats, which are circular, the Honeywell is a rectangular touch-screen device with adjustable screen colors. It is also capable of being connected to your smart phone and adjusted from there. This model does have voice command, but does not use Google or Siri; you simply speak directly to the thermostat.

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