Why Should You Be Changing Your Air Filters Regularly?

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air filtersWe have probably all seen the commercials where blindfolded participants are led into dirty rooms and asked to describe what they smell—if not, you can take a look at the commercials here. They take a big whiff of their surroundings and smell nothing out of the ordinary. Eventually, they remove their blindfolds to look at what they’ve smelled, because wouldn’t you want to know what you’re breathing in? Your air filters for your HVAC unit are way better than any name brand odor eliminator—they actually take care of the problem! Here are 3 reasons why it is important to regularly replace your air filters.

Air Quality

Your air filters catch all the pet hair, human hair, dirt, dust, skin cells, and anything else that could be circulating through your home. Regularly changing out your air filters means at least checking them monthly, and if they still look clean at that point, switching them out every three months, at the most. If you do not replace your air filter, after time, it will not be able to hold much more debris. The air you breathe will have more dust and hair in it, and so will the build-up on the inside of your air conditioning system.

Healthy Living

Filtering dirt and dust out of the air will help with any breathing problems you may have. It is beneficial not only for pet-owners, people with asthma, or people with seasonal allergies, but for everyone, to remove as much debris as possible from the air circulating through your home. You should replace your air filters regularly so that you and your family, pets included, can breathe better.

System Efficiency

As previously mentioned, waiting several months, or longer, to replace your air filters can have a significantly negative effect on the AC system itself. When the filter is carrying too much dirt and dust, where is the rest of the dirt in the air supposed to go? It gets backed up on various parts of the system, which will cause you to spend more money out-of-pocket on repairs.

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